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Sustainability is Necessary

We want to challenge business travel for a more sustainable future. Travelling is important and necessary but we are leaving a mark on nature in the process. We are acting for Corporate Social Responsibility on all levels in our organization.

Sustainable Swedish Nature

We take great pride in our clean nature which is a result of a responsible sustainable thinking throughout our society. Most of our waters are clean enough to drink right out of. We also have a unique law called ‘Allemansrätten’ which entitles everyone the right to gain access the wilderness regardless of owner. You are of course not allowed to damage anything, but with regular caution anyone can enjoy a hike or a camp almost anywhere.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a project initiated by Swedish profile Percy Barnevik. We have so far started 33 new companies in Africa and are sending an employee once every year to follow the development.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We want to act responsible to our community and our planet. For a better future for our customers, our partners and us. We think an efficient and quality focused operation is profitable for all parties and creates a positive impact on society.

Carbon offset

We offer our customers the opportunity to fully compensate their travels and meetings in cooperation with Tricorona. We are certified with environment and quality brands ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

XLNT Health

For a healthier situation on our offices we give all our coworkers support for exercise. We have a program called XLNT Health where we create plans for our coworkers to motivate each other in exercising frequently.