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Discover Sweden

Sweden is a country of contrasts. From the cold winters in the north to the hot summers in the south we can offer an unmatched array of activities and experiences. Our consultants from XLNT Travel know this country in and out and are happy to help guide you through discovering Sweden.

Our offices

We are located from Skellefteå in the north of Sweden to Stockholm, the beautiful capital. We have five offices along the coast and together we are 28 travel consultants who can help you with your specific arrangement. A warm welcome to Sweden!

Tourist sites:

The highest peak in Sweden sits at 2106 meters above sea level, a popular hiking tour.

Ice Hotel
This is a unique hotel and a work of art. A hotel with complete facilities all in ice.

Tree Hotel
Another praised architectural creation where you can stay in tree huts with a luxury experience.

Sapmi culture
Our natives with a rich and interesting culture arrived here shortly after the latest Ice Age.

Arctic Archipelago
Experience the midnight sun in our arctic coastal lands.

Salmon fishing
One of our most popular free time activities is to enjoy some of our many clean rivers.

This is a transportation unique to the cold parts of the world. Experience the freedom in going anywhere without limits.

Elk farm
Maybe the most iconic Swedish animal, the elk, can be watched here on an unusual elk farm.

Skiing in Åre
The mountain mecca of Sweden offers great activities all year around, but skiing is what started it.

One of our most recognized symbols originate from Dalarna in the middle of Sweden.

In Scandinavia we have a long tradition of kayaking in our many rivers and lakes.

Stockholm Palace
Still the Royal Palace of Sweden sits beautifully by the river.

Visby medieval Village
Once Visby was the center of trade in the Baltic sea, now it is a beautiful busy village.

IKEA original store
This is where Ingvar Kamprad began his amazing entrepreneurial journey with his first IKEA in 1958.

Turning Torso
As one of our newest feats of engineering in our most southern town, Turning Torso overlooks Malmö.


Sweden is country of contrasts and the seasons make no difference to that. Every season represent something special to us throughout our beautiful country. Whilst a warm spring dominates the southern part of Sweden you may still enjoy the skiing in the northern parts. These are the kind of contrasts we love – and we hope you will to!


Between March and May the days become longer and the temperature is slowly rising. Why not experience the spring waterfront in Stockholm and then travel up to see the northern lights over snowy fields?


The long summer nights means time for us in Sweden to take vacation. In the north we offer some of the best hiking and wildlife experiences you can have while our long cost is lined with beaches and archipelagos. The midnight sun is something spectacular and a must see!

Photographer: Graeme Richardsson

Photographer: Graeme Richardsson


This time of year is greatly enjoyed in our many woods. The oak, beech, birch and maple tree offers a beautiful show of colors. If you are in another mood enjoy one of our peaceful towns with world class restaurants and great shopping.


This is the time for adventure. Every activity related to snow is available and an experience to remember is guaranteed. The north of Sweden is a unique mix of vast nature and high technology with the Space Range and one of Europe’s major car testing facilities.